Will.I.Am Does Daft Punk

by Hugo

[VIA: Pretty Much Amazing!]
“It seems Will.I.Am knows it all — how to run a crazy rhyme, all about genetics (I mean, obviously), he has mad skills, but he lacks “business savvy”.

Will thought maybe if he worked up a hot collab with Daft Punk he might end up selling close to a million copies of his Songs About Girls. Too bad Will, seems like ‘Ye is the only one exploiting Daft Punk’s own skills for Hip-Hop-ity profit. According to Daily Swarm, Daft Punk rejected will.i.am’s usage of their “All Around The World” for his “I Got It From My Mama” remix. The idiot even shot a video — silly willy. In the end, the remix is still pretty decent. I enjoyed it, but the story behind it makes throws me into fits of laughter.”