DJ Barletta – Bass Live

by Hugo

[From Gethypedonthis]

“Almost everyone knows Dj Barletta from his remixes. Every week this remix machine has a new one, going from Lady Gaga – Just dance to Hoolz from Don Rimini. You probably see me coming with a new remix, but this is not the case. Dj Barletta just released a own creation. The EP is released on rollinandscratchin , a recordlabel/blog from Canada. The EP itself is called Bass Live, very fidget like track, I really like it in the beginning, but it starts to get a bit boring thowards the end. So instead of posting the original I posted a remix from Syntonics which has some more lyrics (WestCoast Gangstaas!) and a more variated bassline.”

Dj Barletta – Bass Live (Syntonics remix)