Touch OSC Yourself

by Hugo

touchosc-screens-02We’re huuge fans of midi controllers and I just came across this video of this gangsta app called Touch OSC for the Iphone and Ipod touch. This comes as a pretty dope alternative to Jazz Mutant’s Lemur touch screen control device which will run you about $2999. It’s only pocket change right? Well save yourself some extra pocket change by picking up an ipod touch and the TouchOSC from the Apple app store which will run you about $205 (used ipod touch ~$200 + TouchOSC $3.99). Only pocket change right? Right.

This is a video from Brian Park doing a sweet mash up called Ishmael Goes to France and Germany.

There we just saved you about $2800, buy us a beer at the pubs with your extra pocket change 😉


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