Deadmau5 in the Hau5

by Hugo

So I was rolling on the fwy with another friend and she was talking about music (ahh one of my favorite topics!) and she mentioned about Deadmau5. Whats funny was the way she pronounced it, “Dead mau.” Huh? I said. Ohhhh its pronounced “dead mouse.” Haha cute. Anyways, here’s a situation I was put up against at the time: You’re at the Hard Haunted Mansion where a lot of the dope artists were headlining the event two of which are playing at the same time in two different stages, Justice and Deadmau5 (pronounced as ‘dead mouse’). Stuck between the two, what do you do? Obviously I chose Justice at the time.. Man they were soo hyped. Now looking back I should’ve checked out Deadmau5 his tunes are pretty fresh. But I was glad to catch his set during Together As One NYE.

Here’s a clip of Deadmau5 during Hard Halloween:


Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)