zOMG ‘Zero’ Already Remixed!

by Hugo

zeroThe Yeah Yeah Yeahs is such a great band, I don’t know where to start. But I will say that I’m happy that their new album, Its Blitz, finally came out on the 31st of March. Three friggin years man, even that it was also three friggin years for the album before that! But soon after the album was released, their single “Zero” has already been remixed! Most excellent for you djs out there (you know who you are).

(double click on the video to pop over to youtube)

Another thing is that I’m excited that the YYYs be on tour again! I will definitely attend one of their shows. If not I’ll be deeply saddened, crying a river, just like how I missed the DP’s Alive tour and it makes it worse when that one girl was smearing it all over my face! hah JK, still sad though! But anyways rock out with your cock out: