cleanin the ol’ hdd

by kindaaamazing

so recently ive been preparing my compy for a reformat. going through some old songs pictures etc. so imma be posting some stuff that is new and old for the next few days me thinks :p either way its prolly new to u :] man that sounds cocky :[ my apologies.. anyways. here is that friggity fresh music uve been waitin for.


so i went to the esser, thieves like us show last week. cant get this song out of my head. sick vocals and sinden did this remix well mann. that dark tribal stuff is really hitting the spot recently.

usually im not a fan of the super pop songs turned remix. they tend to still remind me of that super pop song. but this one, man oh man. it has just enough of the song for the average club goer to know what song it is. and def enough for someone like me(who clubs all the time) to still be able to get down to lol. gotta get up to get down 😉

and now this song. what can i say about siriusmo. he is killin it man. he isnt an up and comer. he is here! right now! kid has some MAJOR talent. i cant say enough about him. enjoy.