cleanin the ol’ hdd

by kindaaamazing

so recently ive been preparing my compy for a reformat. going through some old songs pictures etc. so imma be posting some stuff that is new and old for the next few days me thinks :p either way its prolly new to u :] man that sounds cocky :[ my apologies.. anyways. here is that friggity fresh music uve been waitin for.


i love chill down. this song is good for everything. the car, the shower, the idevice, etc etc. i always love singing the part “give me 20 lashessssss.” but please down. im not that kinky.

this 2008 gold gem of a song has been on replay again for me recently. listen, love, laugh, live, lie, lash.. wait no more lashes :[ but yea. i love how dirty the song ends up sounding. man oh man i wish they made a video for it. it would have the hottest chick, fastest cars, and biggest explosions.

haha sooo welcome back to 2005, none of ur friends wanted to listen to electro. maybe even u werent listening to electro(boo on u). well the im sure u were listening to datarock. who wasnt? well here is one of their less popular jams that is just real sick. story telling with droll vocals. how could u hate? ok dont answer that.