cleanin the ol’ hdd

by kindaaamazing

so recently ive been preparing my compy for a reformat. going through some old songs pictures etc. so imma be posting some stuff that is new and old for the next few days me thinks :p either way its prolly new to u :] man that sounds cocky :[ my apologies.. anyways. here is that friggity fresh music uve been waitin for.


gosh this song has an undeniable circus sound to it. def makes me wanna dance like an egyptian gypsy. haha yea, it sounds that ethnic and authentic to me :[ and dont even ask me to show u how gypsy’s dance. 😉

style of eye. what a sick puppy. he just recently one the 2009 best dance best dance artist from P3 guld. and if u knew anything about P3 guld, which i dont,(its a swedish radio station) you would know that thats a siiick award to get. hah anyways. groove steady with the deep groove by deep groove.

this is one of those that i just happen to miss until i went back through my hdd. nice little fidget jam, weird lyrics. yumss. for what ever reason i can really see this being played at the club. meh some day.