cleanin the ol’ hdd

by kindaaamazing

so recently ive been preparing my compy for a reformat. going through some old songs pictures etc. so imma be posting some stuff that is new and old for the next few days me thinks :p either way its prolly new to u :] man that sounds cocky :[ my apologies.. anyways. here is that friggity fresh music uve been waitin for.


ever stay up late at night and turn ur cable tv to one of those music channels and listen to the “electronica dance” station? yea. me either, thats for losers. well courisey of ur local tv station i was able to find this little song by dj dan. i like how he didnt do that needle damaging sound tooo many times. would have gotten played out pretty quick.

andycap. havent heard of him? hahah dont worry. have heard of him, start the worrying! oh i keed. but he is a bit on the addicting side. minimal sound, fatty bass, what isnt there to link about this swedish kid? er. um yea. dont answer that. joy enjoy!

speechless. not because the song is sooo great(it is). but i just dont know anything about it and dont feel like bsing much hahah. def another one of those gold gemmy gems that was tucked away deep in my hdd