cleanin the ol’ hdd

by kindaaamazing

so recently ive been preparing my compy for a reformat. going through some old songs pictures etc. so imma be posting some stuff that is new and old for the next few days me thinks :p either way its prolly new to u :] man that sounds cocky :[ my apologies.. anyways. here is that friggity fresh music uve been waitin for.

sleepytime music. rollin to the club with the boys music. chillin at the beach music. this song is pretty much good for every occasion. ok maybe not for bumping in the car on the way to the club. shits still way sexy smooth.

if someone played this in a club i would lose my miiind. and to hear the original song transform into this its just insaneee. here is the music video:

(nice little tip from the artist. watch in hq ;))

nice little do it yourselfer rght? now its time to give the song a listen. its an echoing dreammm.