make it a blockbuster night ;p

by kindaaamazing

get out that popcorn. i got some videos for you guys.

haha so it seems bag raiders is a pretty hot topic right now. here is a video they just posted. in the studio workin on some new stuff for the ep!! siiick! its gunna slay us alllll. they needa put a buyer beware label on that thing. “beware, the purchaser of this album will adhere and accept all the slaying that that will erupt for your speakers” etc.  heh. gotta figure out when its gunna drop. cant wait!

bag raiders fun punch video from last year for those who havent seen this amazing little power rangers video.

and duuuude i just found out my friend is working on a film with michel gondry as the lead actor! wtf?!? super stoked about this. of course i have no footage.. yet! ahhah. but here is something that alot of my friends havent seen yet, which kinda shocked me. making of around the world, explained by the director mr. michel gondry himself. siiick

oh! and new yatch. their album just dropped july 28th. oh if u buy their album this week(starting the 28th) on itunes you can get it for half off. that comes out to be $5.99USD. what a bargain, what a bargain. its called see mystery lights. this video reminds me of their live show haha. just nuttsss. they’re funny..