michna michna michna…

by kindaaamazing


so yea. im pretty stoked. there is gunna be a pool party at the standard on saturday with michna, shoddy lynn and others. ive been trying to keep an ear out for michna for about half a year now if not more. him and ghostly international are doing some pretty good stuff. im having the biggest brain fart right now cuz i thought that i put up the triple chrome dipped  video a while back. aww well now u get 2 videos 😛 lucky u.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

when listening to him you can really tell that he has heavy hip hop influences. which to me is nice. it makes his songs wayy chill for electronic music. and his horn skills are only a plus 😉 im sure some day we are gunna see him branch out and start using some really gnarly analog equipment thats gunna blow our mind. whoooo knoesss 😛

Vodpod videos no longer available.

its nice to have some authy handy cam music videos of people trying to do the best they can at what they are doing.. imo at least 😉 so anyways yea. check out ghostly international on vimeo and their site. some sick stuff going on over there.