20 Minutes To Know Airwolf Mixtape

by kindaaamazing


this is def one of the funnest mix tapes that ive heard in a while. the mix is by Justin Erougian under the dj name Airwolf. he has a couple remixes out himself which i will share with ya’ll later 😉 def some good stuff coming out of this australian dj. not to be mixed up with the airwolf from la(who is also good i might add). from sick graphics to sick remixes, i just cant wait to see whats coming up next from him. possibly a music video? 😀 😀 we’ll just have to wait and see..



  • Michael Jackson – Rock With You

  • OutKast – I Like The Way You Move

  • Swick – Grow Up(alt)

  • Riva Starr – I Was Drunk(alt)